What We Do

We help schools grow and monetize their communities around their brand.

Professional Branding

A powerful brand will create excitement and invoke inspiration in your most valuable asset - your community. We create a branding package specifically for you and your school that is the identity your supporters will rally around. Brand creation is a unique part of VIP Branding and is much more than just creating a logo - it's a community strategy.

VIP Branding

VIP Branding

Dedicated Marketing

Our mission is to help your cause create a visual environment where community members feel like they belong. When people feel connected to your school, they are more likely to be engaged and provide support. When your branding is complete, we work with you to provide many tools to leverage the passions of your community around your school's brand.

Proven Fundraising

After our branding experts have helped develop your brand, it's time to promote it and raise some money for your school programs! We remove the barriers of time, geography and effort in the fundraising process by creating an online Varsity Shop that features fresh designs, unique gear, and products and services that everyone will love – and raises money for your cause.

VIP  Branding Program

VIP Branding

Partnership for Success

We are here to be your trusted partner and to help you with your school's marketing needs. Our dedicated success management team will work with you to help promote your school's brand, create creative marketing opportunities and to help you succeed. Our goal is simple: Help you build, grow and monetize your support community around your school.