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VIP Branding will build your brand, manage your custom online Varsity Shop filled with school spirit products and keep your community connected and supporting your school.

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Engage your community with better branding and marketing.

When people feel connected to your school, they are more likely to be engaged and provide support. The VIP Branding mission is to help your school create a visual environment where community members feel like they belong. Deploying VIP Branding within your school will help increase feelings of brand ownership and belonging. When students feel connected to their school, they show up more, get better grades and are more likely to graduate and support their school. Plus, your very own Varsity Shop can help unite your community by creating designs and fashion gear with everyone in mind - from infants to teens to alumni, parents, and grandparents.

VIP Branding

VIP Branding

Stand out from the crowd with fresh branding.

A powerful brand will create excitement and invoke inspiration in your most valuable asset - your community. A distict brand is an identity your supporters will rally around. Brand creation is a unique part of VIP Branding and is much more than creating a logo - it's a strategy. Branding experts will help you determine your school's ideal branding and guide you through the brand creation process.

Control your brand with consistency and professionalism.

Control your brand on campus and in the community. Your unique style guide serves as a reference point for anyone inside your school, as well as for external communication. This unique style guide contains your official logos, colors and font information, along with rules for how your logo can and cannot be used. This will ensure accuracy of your school's brand no matter where or how it is being reproduced.

VIP Branding

VIP Branding

Monetize your brand with a customized online Varsity Shop.

After our branding experts have helped develop your distinct brand, it's time to raise some money! We remove the barriers of time, geography and effort in the fundraising process by creating an online Varsity Shop that features fresh designs and unique gear that everyone will love. Not only will your Varsity Shop help keep people connected to your school through a social, e-commerce platform, but it also removes the hassles of selling school apparel and inventory issues and raises money 24/7 all year round.

Remove branding and school spirit challenges.

VIP Branding helps schools facing low school spirit, logo infringement, fundraising issues, lack of brand control, scarce resources and loss of revenue to non-affiliated parties selling school-branded apparel by offering professional branding, comprehensive marketing and online school store solutions.

VIP Branding